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100% plant-based & biodegradable.

Amazingly, BIO MAX is only made from all natural, plant-based materials excluding the few odd parts that are recyclable aluminium. This means we can biodegrade and recycle your toothbrush at the end of its long, useful life...

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Effective cleaning power (at an affordable price).

By combining ultrasonic power with micropulse precision, we're able to remove 100% more plaque than your average electric toothbrush & unlike our closest competitors' £250-500 pricetags, BIO MAX is just £100.

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Responsible recycling program, for zero waste.

You can send your used brush heads to us to be composted or recycled, for free - by simply posting them back to our HQ or by dropping them in your local supermarket's designated Bambooi recycling box, which will be located in the dental aisle.

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Friendly features, that'll help you build healthier habits.

We developed 4 unique cleaning modes that optimise your oral health: Clean, Gum Care, White & Deep Clean. All have their own special uses that address common oral health problems that usually only a dentist could fix for you.

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Designed to last a lifetime. We'll guarantee it!

Thanks to its modular design, BIO MAX's rechargeable battery can be renewed when it inevitably conks out so that you can keep brushing sustainably for a lifetime. Thanks to your 1 year warranty, we'll also repair and replace your unit if you have any issues.

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Brush sustainably, like you never could before.

Why back Bambooi?

We invented the world's first eco friendly electric toothbrush & have +20 more exciting sustainable innovations coming soon.

Let's make sustainability possible in EVERY home!

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