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Great for sensitive teeth

The toothbrush is very light to hold and great for gentle cleaning. Already stocked up and would definitely recommend.

Really good toothbrush

Great toothbrush! Would recommend


Very soft toothbrush, and gentle for the teeth

Making a difference

Excellent value for money, I will definitely continue to buy my toothbrushes from here :)

Great toothbrush

Really pleased with my bamboo toothbrush great product, I would definitely recommend!

Excellent brushes

I ordered my second batch recently as I was so pleased with these toothbrushes. They are just the right firmness and tick all the sustainability boxes too!

Nice and effective

I really like them. It took me a day or two to get used to how they feel, but they clean well and it's good to know they won't fill a skip in a few months.

Sustainable, durable, recycled.

It looks good, feels nice to use and works well..
Its good for the environment, it gets my vote.

I ordered one for my mum too.

Excellent product

Excellent product that, when purchasing, I was concerned about its performance BUT my perception is that it cleans better than previous plastic brushes from big manufacturers. PLUS environmentally friendly

I just love it

These toothbrushes are so very nice! They are just lovely to hold - difficult to put into words really. I don't think I'll ever go back to plastic. The actual brush part works fine - If there was an option to give more than 5 stars - certainly would do that!

Great product!

So pleased with my first order of cotton buds. I love the size of the tips, far better for me than the ones I used to get & a great price too!

Great toothbrush!

Have just received & started using our first bamboo toothbrushes. We love them! They clean our teeth very efficiently & it's so good to know we're not hurting the planet in the process...very happy customers.


I love using my new bamboo toothbrush and I've had no trouble in reaching every area of my mouth.

It's a great price for a great product, and I'll never go back to using a plastic one again... Thank you Bambooi.

Brilliant Product and service!

Excellent quality and very good price, easy to do your part in reducing plastic waste with these toothbrushes

Quality eco friendly toothbrushes.

These eco friendly toothbrushes are great, perfect size brush to reach the back teeth, bristles are not to soft or to hard and gives you a good level of mouth hygiene with the added bonus of peace of mind knowing they are eco friendly.
What's not to like.

Bamboo toothbrush

There are many options for buying earth friendly items, but these toothbrushes have smaller heads therefore they can access the back teeth easily. They are a great price too.

Fabulous toothbrush

I'm so happy we found these lovely toothbrushes that are so eco-friendly that even the bristles can be composted!


Very nice quality product. Very happy with the pack I bought.


Best toothbrush I've had for a long time. Bristles are just right for my sensitive teeth. Will definitely buy more!

Very happy with the Bamboo toothbrushes.

Don’t think my teeth have ever felt so clean and they don’t hurt my gums. Perfect!

Why wouldn't you?

Quick delivery, keen pricing, quality product and a good medium firm brushing oh, and no plastic - happy days!

A beautiful product

Delighted with every aspect of this purchase. Quick delivery, eco clean packaging and the toothbrush is so nice to use. Well done.

Totally eco friendly

Great product, nice feel to bristles and also lovely bamboo handles, great packaging, highly recommended. No plastic and all packaging thought about to be environmentally friendly 😃

New toothbrish

Received my new toothbrush last week(new to this concept), love it! Bristles are really soft & the size of the brush is perfect for me, a little smaller than I usually buy but can get into all the tricky bits.
I am & will recommend these toothbrushes, saving the plant little by little 😃

Great toothbrushes

We are new to bamboo toothbrushes and I can say we are officially converted. They are great quality and leave teeth squeeky clean! Love them. Thanks bambooi!