Our Story

Here at Bambooi, we believe in the power of change and we are changing the beauty & care industry by offering sustainable, uniquely designed & affordable alternatives to common wasteful products with a clean packaging promise...

When we found that over 75% of plastic waste generated by the beauty and care industry was not recyclable, we made it our mission to provide cleaner, more sustainable choices for consumers.

With more exciting products lined up for the future, we're here to make living sustainably: accessible, affordable & stress-free for you!

Map of Bambooi HQ

Bambooi HQ located in South Shields, Tyne and Wear

Who we are

Bambooi HQ is located in the North East of England, in a town called South Shields. Our Founder, at 21 years old, realised the devastating effects that waste from the beauty & care industry was having on the environment and vowed to provide sustainable alternatives that were not only good for the planet but good for consumers too!


Our Promise

Our products will always be natural, made cruelty free, sourced sustainably, packaged with only recyclable packaging and made with our customers best interest in mind...


Our Mission: "To give our customers a sustainable way to look & feel beautiful."

Our Vision: "To make sustainability possible in EVERY home!"

Our Slogan: "Let's live better."

What We Stand For

Bambooi's products and operations are characterised by a collection of values. It is these values that sets Bambooi apart from its competitors and has built the sustainable foundations to our success.



  • Eco Friendly production, fulfilment & disposal of products to achieve the lowest viable environmental footprint possible.
  • Health, Beauty & Care products that improve the quality of our customers lives by enhancing lifestyle choices and habits.
  • Superior products that give our consumers an immense feeling of satisfaction & happiness.
  • Affordable collections to ensure everybody is given equal opportunity to live more sustainable and enjoy our products.
  • Profitability as an instrument to our growth and impact across the world, whilst maintaining affordability.
  • Transparency that allows our stakeholders to meaningfully identify with our brand's mission.
  • Loyalty to our amazing customers that make everything we do possible.