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BIO MAX™ - Charcoal Black

BIO MAX™ - Charcoal Black

Smile everyday using an electric toothbrush that cares for you, and is good for the planet too.

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Free shipping. Estimated delivery: Sept-Oct 2022 (Just in time for Xmas!).
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Let's get into the nitty gritty...

Pre-order details

Your pre-order will help fund the production of BIO MAX - the world’s first eco friendly electric toothbrush. We are an independent brand of entrepreneurs, designers and dentists so your support means everything to us!

Expected pre-order delivery date: Sept-Oct 2022 (subject to minor delays).

Pre-orders fully refundable within 14 days of original transaction.

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What makes it special?

1. 100% plant-based & biodegradable.

2. An effective clean at an affordable price.

3. Responsible recycling scheme, for zero waste.

4. Friendly features that help you build healthier habits.

5. Sleek, light & quiet.

6. Convenient wireless charging system.

7. Fresh brush head subscription coming soon.

8. Design to last a lifetime, guaranteed!

9. Six beautiful colours to choose from.

10. 30 day risk-free trial.

What's included?

1x plant-based handle.

2x biodegradable brush heads.

1x wireless charging system.


Brush heads can be sent back to Bambooi HQ for commercial composting (or recycling dependingon demand), for free! Website/App functionality coming soon.


- Sugarcane

- Corn starch

- Soybean/castor bean oil

- Bamboo

- Tapioca starch

The World's First Eco Friendly Electric Toothbrush

Brush sustainably, like you never could before.

100% plant-based & biodegradable.

Amazingly, BIO MAX is only made from all natural, plant-based materials excluding the few odd parts that are recyclable aluminium. This means we can biodegrade and recycle your toothbrush at the end of its long, useful life...

Effective cleaning power (at an affordable price).

By combining ultrasonic power with micropulse precision, we're able to remove 100% more plaque than your average electric toothbrush & unlike our closest competitors' £250-500 pricetags, BIO MAX is just £100.

Responsible recycling program, for zero waste.

You can send your used brush heads to us to be composted or recycled, for free - by simply posting them back to our HQ or by dropping them in your local supermarket's designated Bambooi recycling box, which will be located in the dental aisle.

Friendly features, that'll help you build healthier habits.

We developed 4 unique cleaning modes that optimise your oral health: Clean, Gum Care, White & Deep Clean. All have their own special uses that address common oral health problems that usually only a dentist could fix for you.

Designed to last a lifetime. We'll guarantee it!

Thanks to its modular design, BIO MAX's rechargeable battery can be renewed when it inevitably conks out so that you can keep brushing sustainably for a lifetime. Thanks to your 1 year warranty, we'll also repair and replace your unit if you have any issues.